Not having a good start to the new year at the moment and for the last 5 weeks I have been suffering from Sciatica it's something that I have never had before and over the past week it's been very painful  and got much worse, preventing me from getting about and even loosing plenty of sleep as I cannot sit or lie down on anything soft, and sitting on a wooden dining chair seems to be the only way of easing the pain.


So glad I am not on my own and have my wife who has been tremendous throughout the whole ordeal, by doing the shopping and getting to my bank to pay the bills. I cannot even get to my local pub for a pint and have been stuck in this chair for most of the week, though I have at least managed to get into my bed over the last two days to get some sleep  I would love to go for a drink tonight but it's struggle to even get to the toilet upstairs, never mind try and walk up the road to it.


The doctor subscribed me Codeine for the pain, and I have used  Ibuprofen Gel and Volterol  over the afflicted areas all down my right hand side, but they do not seem to do a thing. I just hope it gets better soon, so I can start getting back to work again.


Music Platforms





Is the place for all my studio work and collaborations and is my only place to be. Has for putting my music elsewhere its far too much of a task to keep up with. Making music for me is an hobby and I am not that interesting in getting about everywhere or promoting it. My main hobby is listening to music and being on one site I can get to listen to all of peoples tracks not just snippets and leaving a comment. No way on this earth could anybody honesty genuinely listen to that much music being here there and everywhere. There is simply not enough hours in the day to do so.




Is the place I put my amateur videos of live recordings or videos I make for some of my studio work along with promotional videos for the music I feel is good enough to sell and a lot of work as been put into those tracks. It's also another place to see another side to the music I do myself in relation to what I put on Soundcloud.




Is just a social media site to keep in touch with my friends, and get my music about that I post on Soundcloud and Youtube so peeps can get to it if they want to. I have also created a new page entailed Lee's Music Gems. This is a page dedicated to the god music I have come across along my journeys on Soundcloud and other media places. It's not about my music, it's very much about other peoples who can do a damn site better than myself.


Latest Work



Well pleased with the feedback left upon all 3 December releases on the cloud the first two "Maybe It's Not Much Of A Christmas" and "The Parting Glass" were well fitting to the festive season, and I thought "War Pigs" was a great rocking way to end off the year with. 


So glad to have done something with my good friend Mark J. Bennett again, and he provided the perfect platform of a vocal acapellia of the traditional song for me to work around. I must admit it's perhaps not the way I wanted to work around  it, and would of preferred to do more of a Celtic version and perhaps dragged my brother Martin in to help me out on this one. But my choice to go down the road with the use of a pipe organ and synth pad gave it that feeling that it was done in a church perhaps, and gave it much more of a heavenly Christmas feel I felt too. 


I did originally suggest to Mark that he should put his acappelia out on his own cloud as an open collaboration because I felt it was a very strong piece of work of his, and I would love to see others do something else with it, and who knows maybe I will even get my wish of seeing somebody give it a more Celtic approach with some well fitting instrumentation backing him up, and I am glad to see that he as done so now in the new year.


During working and releasing my collaboration done with Mark, my good friend Hiroshi approached me with a most stunning instrumental version of Black Sabbath's  "War Pigs" asking me if I would like to sing it Well having just heard it, there was no way I could refuse. He also told me that he had asked another person to sing it first and for me to take my time as his version would most likely be published first.


Well at the time I told him I would get it done soon, even though I had a stinking cold, but two days later I sang it and sent it to Hiroshi. Bemuse of my cold I was not hanging around and only done one quick take, but I do it without listening to the original record, to which I have not done in some time now, and Hiroshi sort of liked it, but wanted me to sustain my voice at the end of every sentence as on the record.


So a couple of days later I sung it again, this time having a listen to the original and done two takes just in case. My cold was still very much hanging over me, and it was one of those you just cannot shake off, but I felt it did not affect me enough to stop me from singing it. Having done this I sent to it Hiroshi and it was at this point that he told me he had a word with the other chap who was singing it, and told me he did not mind if my version went out first.


Hiroshi I think was hoping I would put this out before Christmas, but as I had not long released my collab with Mark and also feeling that the song would not really be appropriate for Christmas I very much told him that it would perhaps be better if it was released on Boxing Day (LOL) I also told him that Christmas is very busy and the cloud would be extremely quiet, and it would not be a good idea to put this out whilst it is at all. So I waited till the 30th to put it out, so not to interfere with New Years Eve, which would be another busy time for everyone.


I have to say that "War Pigs" is the most outstanding production work I have ever heard Hiroshi do.  he even mixed my vocal stem to which at first I disliked, cause he had used various bits of EQ on my voice here and there, and made it sound perhaps odd to me, as I know what my voice should come across like with my own productions  But after a few spins I soon got used to what he had done with it  and got to like it more.



The Lee (Jack Jones) Lucas Project Continues In The New Year


With everything that's been going on with my health and being bogged down with Sciatica at the moment, I am so glad I have held back on releasing what will be my 4th release in the Lee (Jack Jones) Lucas Project series "Driven By Dirt" to which I completed at the end of November last year.


December was a month I wanted to dedicate to Christmas and was my main reason for holding it back, as I wanted to put out more appropriate songs for its season. It  was even a struggle to sing "War Pigs" to be honest, and had to do so sitting down in my computer chair as I cannot stand up for too long without having to sit back down again, due to the pain running down the right hand side of my leg.


Right now I am unable to do anything more with the project, as I hate playing guitar sitting down, and have to stand up to do so. So I am pretty much reduced to singing projects only at the moment till this thing clears up. But I do have a couple of those in progress too at the moment, so that will keep me busy.


"Driven By Dirt" is not a new song, and I first wrote it on the acoustic guitar and put out a live acoustic version on the Tuesday Night Open Mic Night Campfire group on Facebook back in march last year. However I am really exited how this studio version as turned out and I feel it works way better for it. It even allows me to express it far more better with my voice, and in reality these types of songs my voice as always been much better suited for in reality I feel too.


The song will be hitting the cloud this week and I will not be holding it back any longer, and it should be by next weekend at least . For me personally even though I did not really think that much of the acoustic version, I feel this is the best song in the series so far. But we are all different no doubt.

Lee Lucas is Lee>>>Lucas





The Ancient Ruins Of Atlantis is Lee's finest collective piece of work to date. The album contains 8 magical tracks over a playing time of 60 minutes, and will take you on a stunning ambient adventure to the bottom of the ocean.


Based around the story of the lost city of Atlantis the album contains many epics, done in the form of a musical concept story from start to finish that will have you thinking that you have been there. A journey well worth taking onboard, and at a price not to be missed

Another 4 well crafted ambient pieces of work from Lee on his keyboards with this 4 track EP. Ambient Rhodes. All 4 pieces are designed to take you on an ambient electronic journey across 4 destinations with use of the Rhodes Piano in a different style. 18 minutes of music at a well affordable price too good to be missed out on.

Lee Lucas is Intruder 369



     You Thrill Me (Out Of The Blue)


Recorded for the Tuesday Night Open Mic Night Campfire on Monday 27th July and posted today on the 28th July.It's been a while since I done something for the Campfire and as I had no idea what to do, this one just came out of the blue instantly as I put my hands to the keys and tinkled over a few chords.As I was playing in Eb this old tune sprung to mind, but for the life of me I could not remember the words or who done it.


So I just improvised and sang anything from the top of my head as I went along. Then later on I googled the words "You Thrill Me" only to find out that the words were in fact "You Send Me" and it was originally by the late great Sam Cooke.



The video can bee seen from here:

                                                            10th January 2016 Updated Website.


All 3 songs "Maybe Not Much Of A Christmas". "The Parting Glass" and "War Pigs" have now all been made available as a free digital download at Bandcamp and the links can be found on my Free Music section under the discography section of this website.


Last year was a very creative year for me, despite all the problems I had with my health putting me out of action for some time. I got to do some really awesome rocking collabs with Dirk and Stefan to which I am dead proud of, even down to just writing the lyrics for them, which I felt was another side of myself that is being put to good use.


I also got to work with my new toys and get the Lee (Jack Jones) Lucas Project going, not that I am as good as those two guys I just mentioned when it comes to playing instruments,  and doing superb rocking songs, but I am enjoying the creativity of it all, and learning all the time on those instruments, and knocking out some fairly decent songs I feel at the same time too.


I also got to end off the year with a couple of great collabs with Mark and Hiroshi, and am looking forward to see what this year produces, and looking forward to working with many others perhaps too...



...and They Marched Through The Rain is my 2nd album release and is an album that contains some of my finest other stronger pieces of ambient electronic music, I have done over the past 3 years.


The album itself contains 9 tracks done over a playing time of 54 minutes, and is made up with 28 minutes of unreleased material from my own archives, along with reworked and other classic pieces I have put out on Soundcloud over the years.


You can obtain your copy by clicking on the sign above which will take you Bandcamp where you can even play all the tracks, and try before you buy sort of thing.





War Pigs

A tribute to the 1970 classic Black Sabbath song War Pigs.The song was originally from the bands 2nd album Paranoid, and it's lyrics are still very much relative to today.

Maybe It's Not Much Of A Christmas.

Christmas is perhaps not for everyone, especially when they loose something so close to them. A song I wrote back in 2013 after loosing my son.

The Parting Glass.

IA traditional Irish folk song that become very popular with the Scots a few hundred years ago, and may have been the inspiration for Robert Burns to write "Auld Lang Syne"

Piano Pieces is the new album and Lee's 3rd album to be released. The album consists of 11 piano solos to which as been finely compiled from his works from between the years of 2011 to 2015. The album as a playing time of just under 42 minutes.


.You can obtain your copy by clicking on the sign above which will take you Bandcamp where you can even play all the tracks, and try before you buy sort of thing.